Innovation is more than the use of technology - it is the understanding how the potential of technology can be unleashed by society. Innovation benefits all stages of development work: understanding the causes underlying societal phenomena, designing more appropriate solutions with users, and receiving close to realtime feedback in the implementation. All this helps to achieve intended results in a better, cheaper, and more lasting way.  

Inspiration & Collaboration

The new development agenda requires collaboration of new and different actors. Our firm is leading the way to bring them together around new development thinking. In doing so we draw inspiration from a rich network of partners:​

Our Approach

Development planning is undergoing radical change. While traditionally the domain of the public sector, the private sector needs to create new jobs in an environmentally sustainable fashion. Governments play a major part in setting the right conditions, so that companies, civil society, trade associations, and international development partners can come together. 

Project management is becoming increasingly professionalized and used by all development actors, both large and small. The expectations of funding partners with regards to project design, organizational structure, and real-time monitoring are increasing as well. Modern project management must enable diverse partners to contribute to the achievement of results based on their comparative advantage.​ Advances in natural and social science are major drivers for development change. 

Science diplomacy is an emerging new discipline in response to the importance of scientific data in international affairs.

New partnerships are a cornerstone of the new development agenda. A much broader coalition of actors need to come together and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. To enable this collaboration requires of new and different actors. 

Turning global ambitions into local action.