• New financial instruments - A suite of new policies and operational guidelines to engage with the private sector and civil society commissioned by one of the leading UN development organisations. Based on a needs assessment in light of the new development agenda, new prescriptive content for grants, loans, and guarantees now guides the work of 8000 employees across 180 countries.

  • Field office performance - An independent assessment of 53 offices using 13 indicators and 690 data points. The concept was co-created with field office directors and headquarters managers in response to a governing body request. Following the initial assessment, we developed user specifications for the implementation of a balanced scorecard in support of change management.

  • Project grants - Evaluation of science diplomacy proposals submitted in response to an international call under the European Union science and innovation programme. Each proposal, valued between €1.5 and €2 million, was assessed based on excellence, impact and operational capacity of the submitting consortium. 


  • Budget narrative - Creation of a new $5 billion business case for a global charity in line with its new strategy focusing on children and girls' rights. The closer link between results and resources and the case for reducing field operation costs by half across 72 countries were critical aspects. 

Turning global ambitions into local action.

Highlighted Projects