In 2015 world leaders agreed to an ambitious development agenda characterized by 17 Sustainable Development Goals. To end poverty, fight inequality and combat climate change requires a new approach to development planning, innovation, scientific insights, and partnerships. Different actors need to collaborate to achieve the new development agenda. Businesses undertake investments, the public sector sets incentives, and civil society instills values for development to become sustainable. Our firm is leading the way to bring them together around new development thinking. 



INNOVATION is more than the use of technology - it is the understanding how the potential of technology can be unleashed by society. Innovation benefits all stages of development work: understanding the causes underlying societal phenomena, designing more appropriate solutions with users, and receiving close to realtime feedback in the implementation. All this helps to achieve intended results in a better, cheaper, and more lasting way.

INSPIRATION AND COLLABORATIONis required from new and different actors for the new Development Agenda to work. Our firm is leading the way to bring them together around new development thinking. In doing so we draw inspiration from a rich network of partners with whom we have had successful engagements.


We assist stakeholders realize their development aspirations. We connect development actors with innovative solutions through strategy, planning, innovation, and science. We advance development thinking in an inclusive and responsible manner. 

Global Goals Consulting is a new type of social enterprise working at the intersection of international development and global business. We provide services to governments, companies and multilateral organizations engaged in development-relevant activities worldwide.  These services include:

  • STRATEGIC PLANNING:  Strategic foresight, problem analysis, stakeholder engagement, strategy formulation, results and resource planning, organizational design & change management.
  • SCIENCE DIPLOMACY: Climate change, disaster risk reduction, biodiversity & ecosystems.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: User-centered design, concept development, fund design, project and grant formulation, implementation support, reviews & evaluations.
  • EXPERT FACILITATION: Advocacy, negotiations training, keynote speeches, workshop & conference facilitation.
  • MARKETING & PARTNERSHIPS: Campaign management, resource mobilization strategies, communication plans & brand visibility.